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EUREKA Programme
EUREKA is a European network for market-oriented, industrial research and development.

EUREKA supports the competitiveness of European companies through international collaboration by creating relations and networks of innovation. The main objectives are to bring high quality research and development efforts to the market, to use the multiplying effects of cooperation, to improve the quality of life and to strengthen the European economy.

EUREKA is tackling the challenge of a swiftly changing business environment and offers a platform for short-term as well as strategic collaboration. It offers flexible and dynamic support, quality label and expertise for market-oriented R&D projects.

EUREKA provides a frame for cooperation of small and large companies as well as research institutions alike and operates through its network of members while remaining open to global co-operation. Your national EUREKA office will assist you.

Find more information on EUREKA projects within cultural heritage and the EUROCARE umbrella on this platform. Find all related information on EUREKA at the EUREKA website.

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