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European Project On Conservation, Restoration / Maintenance

The EUROCARE project aims to develop Industrial and other kinds of application and market-oriented products and technologies which are currently not available as well as best practices for conservation and restoration work based on and supported by scientific knowledge. The objective of the project is to support and enable advanced technical standards and European guidelines for the evaluation, analysis and treatment of cultural assets.

EUROCARE aims to:
  • develop new materials and substances
  • improve the analytical and treatment techniques to be applied in the conservation sector (to cultural assets)
  • promote the exchange of Information between scientists and Industry in all participating countries
  • generate a market for advanced applications and high technology products and processes In the field of conservation and related domains,
  • establish and support information systems which are recognising state of the Information and Communication Technologies (interoperability, modern communication means, etc.) and standards,
  • build up networks of existing expertise all over Europe (e.g. in terms of Centres of Excellence) and open the communication to non European countries, and
  • cooperate with other relevant networks and activities at the European (e.g. Framework Programmes of the European Commission) and non-European level.

EUROCARE is coordinated and implemented by a working group consisting of EUREKA representatives and industrial experts. Find your national EUROCARE contact person at contacts and more information on the funding programme at the local EUREKA-site.

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