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Welcome to the EUROCARE community server!

The EUROCARE community server provides you with:

  • Information on the EUREKA Programme and the area of cultural heritage as well as links to the official EUREKA websites
  • Overview and detailled information on all previous and actual EUROCARE projects
  • Support for your partner search and the generation of EUREKA projects and the presentation of your organisation on the EUROCARE community server
  • European event list for research and application in cultural heritage
  • Studies and background information
  • List of the most important websites referring to EUROCARE
  • Search on this server and scan for projects and organisations
  • Contact details of the EUROCARE partners

For adding and editing your projects and organisation description to the server you need to login.

For questions and comments contact the Austrian EUROCARE contact.

This community server is promoted by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour.

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